Ten Guiding Principles

I. Love deeply, richly, and passionately II. Avoid things you don’t love deeply, richly, passionately III. Be gentle with other people and assume the best intentions IV. Forgive often — always, if you can V. Breathe — even when you think you can’t or shouldn’t VI. Pray, if you can if you can’t, know that … Continue reading Ten Guiding Principles


Homily: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Psalm 133, I Peter 2: 1-5, 9-10 Mary, Mother of Our Redeemer Chapel Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary L+J Wherever Pope Francis goes, he brings with him pleasant surprises. One such surprise—a surprise, at least, to me—came during his recent address to congress. Speaking to a body composed of diversity—perhaps not rich diversity, but … Continue reading Homily: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Book Review: Between the Dark and the Daylight (Chittister)

Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B is a household name for those Christians (and others) serious about their spiritual life. An international lecturer with more than forty books under her belt, Sister Joan is lauded by many as a sage spiritual guide. Contained in her newest book Between the Dark and the Daylight: Embracing the Contradictions of Life is … Continue reading Book Review: Between the Dark and the Daylight (Chittister)

Holy Thursday Foot Washing (or The Absurdity of Love)

Much of what we know about the liturgy of Holy Week comes down to us through history from a 4th century nun named Egeria, who documented in detail her three-year pilgrimage through the Holy Land. It seems fitting then to be celebrating Holy Week--and especially the Triduum, the Three Days--with 21st century nuns. The Visitation Sisters celebrate … Continue reading Holy Thursday Foot Washing (or The Absurdity of Love)

On Conjunctions and Incarnation

The most important word in the Christian lexicon is not consubstantial, perichoresis or ontological. No, the most important word for the Christian is the simple conjunction and. As in, "Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human." Indeed, that little conjunction makes that sentence the most revolutionary, fundamental, contentious, and ultimately liberating statement in all of Christianity. More important … Continue reading On Conjunctions and Incarnation

Prophets and Pioneers

Editor's note: This blog was originally published HERE at the Catholic Volunteer Network blog under the title "Ashes to go." I live, work, and pray among prophets. Not the camel-hair-and-locusts or the bushy-beard-and-divine-judgement varieties. My prophets are six nuns who individually and collectively love more deeply than anybody else I've known. The Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis … Continue reading Prophets and Pioneers