And So Be It Resolved…

Like most people, I’m absolutely abysmal at setting and keeping resolutions for the New Year. I’ve even seen a few articles explaining why it’s impossible for anybody to keep resolutions. I’m not sure why I’m so bad at keeping resolutions. I don’t think that it’s an issue of punishing myself for poor behavior, nor do I think that it’s an issue of forgetting to what I’ve resolved myself (although I am forgetful.) I don’t even think that it’s an issue of commitment.

I wonder if the difficulties in setting and keeping resolutions is simply because we (I) set poor goals. What are we resolving to do? Do this more? Do that less? Both of those responses suggest failure in some point. If I want to do more, that suggests that I’m doing enough as it is. If I want to do less, that suggest that I’m already doing too much of something.

Instead of framing things negatively–I’m not doing this or I’m doing too much of that–I think the healthier and I hope more successful strategy is to simply resolve to do something–no qualifier needed.

In that vein, I would like to resolve to the following:

Write often

I write every now and again. Could I write more? Sure, most days. Do I write too much? Yeah, some days. I’m a writer (or at least I aim to be) and writing is what writers do. We wrote quite a lot during college and I miss the discipline of writing. I’ve got plans to write for this blog, as well as some creative work. If time and muse weigh in, I’d like to get (back) into poetry.

Pray the Daily Office

I’ve always wanted to be regular at praying the Daily Office (Liturgy of the Hours, the Work of God, the Opus Dei, etc.), I’ve never been able to gather the discipline necessary to pray twice a day. This seems silly, doesn’t it, for a person of faith? Not being able to pray twice a day? For a variety of reasons, I think that this is an appropriate time to pray the Office regularly. We already pray Morning Prayer at Christ Church as part of the life of Saint Hilda’s House. Praying the Office has always been a requirement for priests (well, since the 5th or 6th century–depending on your source) and, since I’m (hopefully) preparing for the priesthood, it only seems to make sense.

Live healthy

Living healthy on a budget and in cold climates is not easy. I’m aiming to find creative ways to live a healthy life. I really enjoy walking and hope to walk more–perhaps getting off the bus a few blocks shy of home each evening and walking the rest of the way. I also really like fruit, so why not supplement my diet with more fruit. That seems to be easy enough. Instead of a sandwich for lunch, a smoothie sounds so much better.

I struggled to sit down at my desk and write these goals and goals for 2014–my resolutions, if you will. Perhaps the blogs and articles are correct in the reasons that it is difficult to make resolutions–commitment, time, fear. This year will be different, however, since I’m not starting from a negative or critical place and I’m not setting the bar too high. In fact, I’m not really even setting a bar, other than to simply do these three activities.

Are they attainable? Sure. Will I attain them? Here’s hoping!



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