“Where I Am, You May Not Harm”

In a May 2009 interview for the Jackson Free Press, Ronni Mott asked Sister Joan Chittister, OSB what her role as a person of faith and, specifically, as a monastic is in the world. Her response follows:

It’s a simple one: To see injustice and say so, to find the truth and proclaim it, to allow no stone to be unturned when it is a stone that will be cast at anyone else. It’s just that simple. There is nothing institutional, organizational, political about it. It says: “Where I am, you may not harm these people. You may not deride them; you may not reject them; you may not sneer at them, and you certainly cannot blame them for their own existence.”

I’ve devoted my life, consciously, to issues of injustice as a voice for their good, so that I, myself, do not forget that they are standing there crying.

I love Sister Joan Chittister, OSB and her bold voice for the dignity of women in the Church and in the world. I’ve heard Sister Joan speak many times and find myself spiritually and emotionally charged each time. She is the former prioress of her community in Erie, PA and the author of several books, all of which are worth the time to read.


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