Mid-Summer Check In

Now that we’re nearly midway through the summer, I think it’s about time to begin posting with some regularity on this blog. I’d love to say that I’ll post weekly or daily, but I’m not sure that I can make that commitment. At graduation, I promised several people–professors, Sisters, friends–that I would keep a blog updated during my year in Connecticut. That seems to make sense, both by way of letting others know what I’m up to and giving me space to process in writing all of the experiences (and I’m promised that there will be many of those.) Speaking of processing, I’m beginning to process college graduation, though I haven’t yet found the words to put that processing into print. That’s on my Cody Do List for this summer. To be quite frank, I’m afraid of posting too much of the process online. The fear is multifold. First of all, I’m worried that it’ll sound vain. Why in the world would anybody want to read my ruminations and ramblings on college graduation, on leaving my closest friends, on perhaps never seeing my mentors again? Secondly, I’m worried about being too open and honest with my feelings in such a public place. I don’t normally worry about sharing things, but I’ve had internet bullies (well, one in particular–he knows who he is) stalk me online and cause no end of grief and discomfort. Thirdly–and contrasting with my first point–I doubt that anybody will read this blog and, if that’s the case, why not just write my reflections in my journal or private document? While I process the process of processing, I’ll still try to post. The posts will likely be boring at first. Perhaps I’ll post more poems. In the mean time, I’ll make a brief written version of the extensive mental Cody Do List.

The Cody Do List Summer 2013

  • Finish writing sacramental eroticism and inculturation/ministry essays.
  • Write and compile poems about the Sisters.
  •  Revise monasticism essay and send to publications.
  • Re-read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, perhaps blog about.
  • Visit Becca in Oklahoma; Tyler in Winona; and Dana, Kate, and Nicola in the Twin Cities.
  • Set up liturgical consultation blog (think of name first.)
  • July 11th–Feast of St. Benedict–Sister Julianne’s solemn profession.
  • Freeze as much rhubarb as possible to bring with me to Connecticut.
  • Check out audiobook selection at Montevideo Public Library.
  • Go camping at least once.
  • Write letters, finish book of stamps.

My former and favorite English teacher, Ann Wachtler, has posted a list of book recommendations on her blog. I’ll do that the near future (Look! I’ve already got a new post in the making!) If there are readers here, please feel free to make suggestions for summer reading or, as per my Cody Do List, audio books! Sunshine and sweet tea, Cody


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