Lessons in Love

For K., my teacher and friend.

i knew nothing about love
until i took the time to open my eyes
and look all around me.

i knew what others said about love.
that the apostle said
love is patient and kind.
that the bard said
love speaks not with the eyes,
but with the mind.
that the philosopher said
love is one soul inhabiting two bodies.

i knew all of that
and probably more
but still i did not know love.

when i opened my eyes,
i saw you
and you taught me
what it means to love
and be loved in return.

you taught me that
the love of two friends
is more sacred than any saint’s prayer
and more profound than any poet’s song.

you taught me that
everything written and sung
about love is true,
but that it is not enough to hear about love.
love must be experienced,
must be lived,
must be worn and tested,
pushed and pulled.

you’ve taught me all of these things
and what have i taught you?
the only thing i could ever teach you
is that you are worthy of love.
that is all
and that’s enough.


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